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Cravings and Coffee

There are few things on Earth as good as great coffee. The aroma, the flavour and its unique ability to revive the spirit are among coffee’s great gifts.

At Cravings, we take our coffee seriously. We understand that there’s more to making a truly great cup of coffee than having the best beans. The machine, the barista’s training, the environment, and how the coffee is presented all contribute. This is why we use the best machines available, have a comprehensive support and training programme for our staff and ensure they understand what coffee actually is. Our interests are to ensure you remember the smell of Greenbean Coffee. It’s what we want to do.



Our Suppliers: GreenBean Coffee Roasters

When nothing else but the very best coffee is good enough, Greenbean Coffee Roasters is the only Irish or British coffee company worth considering. If you truly want the best coffee for your customers or your own table, here is where you will find it.
We source and buy the very best beans, hand roast to perfection in small batches and deliver fresh, perfect coffee beans to customers throughout Ireland and Britain. We are certified Fair Trade organic coffee roasters and we make the best coffee because we take more time and trouble in roasting and handling the beans.
Selecting the very best beans available, the absolute cream of the crop, is just a starting position for Greenbean. What happens next is what makes all the difference. We take the time and trouble to roast each variety separately and only then do we blend the beans, with each individual variety at its perfectly roasted best. Virtually every other coffee company blends the various green beans first and then roasts them all together. We know it's worth taking the extra time and effort because you can taste the difference in every cup of Greenbean coffee, and your customers will taste it too.
Great coffee is ultimately all about one thing; it’s all about great beans. Enormous care and attention goes into transforming the raw green beans into the wonderful coffee we supply but it’s a fundamental fact that if the beans aren’t excellent to begin with, neither will the coffee be excellent. This is why Cravings Dessert Parlour is the choosiest buyer in the market, We look for a roaster that seeks out the world’s best growers, roast and taste a sample of every batch of coffee we buy. This is why we never let our standards slip.
The quality of the coffee beans from every region, every country and every estate varies from year to year, depending on a range of factors too numerous to list. We buy the season’s best Arabica coffee beans each year and because we’re a relatively small roaster, we can afford to turn down everything but the very best. Once green beans are shipped home to our roastery, we go about the business of transforming the year’s best beans into the exquisite blends that bear our name.

Great beans are a prerequisite of great coffee. It's possible to make bad coffee with great beans but you simply can't make coffee that tastes as good as Greenbean without great beans.

CravingsDessert Parlour and Greenbean cares about our Fair Trade credentials because we care about the coffee we buy and the growers who produce it.

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Where to find us:

211 The Broadway
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Business hours:
12 noon to 12 midnight


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We are a family orientated dessert parlour offering you a taste of heaven. Situated in the heart of the famous Southall food area, we add another dimension of choice for your taste pallet.

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